Implementation of the system

More and more countries on the world are recognizing that their nation wealth in realties needs to be renewed and adjusted to the demand of their young and growing population.
Therefore ARGISOL is spotted with their abilities of easy implementation into the countries and quick erection of homes on a highest possible level in terms of ecology, economy and speed.

As numbers of inquiries from all over the world increased, the decision to found 

By creating ARGISOL INTERNATIONAL, the capabilities are unique: none of the competitors has the abilities of implementing a complete system out of one and the same hand:
either there are competitors within the delivery of manufacturing plants or competitors in building systems.

The experience tought, that projects of either group of competitors did not led to success.

The ARGISOL Factory is most vital part of the Implementation of the ARGISOL System
into foreign countries.

ARGISOL INTERNATIONAL copes with both: delivery of manufacture as well as knowledge transfer and legal issues like certificates etc. 

Please feel free to contact us through -it will be our pleasure to work with you and your Group of Companies - no matter in which part of the world you are located.